Clara – Special Education

The children are expected to be punctual and to attend school every day.

Good school attendance is crucial to your child’s progress. We ask that you are on time picking up your child daily.

  • Maintain a record of students attending school
  • Record school attendance and notify the relevant Educational Welfare Officer of particular problems relating to attendance
  • Support students with difficulties in attending school on a regular basis
  • Prepare and implement a school attendance strategy to encourage, in a positive way, regular school attendance and an appreciation of learning within the school
  • Prepare and implement a code of behaviour, setting standards of behaviour and disciplinary procedures for the school.
  • Liaise with other schools and relevant bodies on school attendance issues

If your child is unable to attend school, we would appreciate a call to the office to notify the teacher. When returning please send a written note explaining the absence.

If a child is absent for 20 days or more a report is sent to Tusla.

Click here view the Tusla School Attendance information for parents booklet