Clara – Special Education

Presentation National School is an Inclusive School.

We welcome all children, of all abilities.

Clara is a very special part of our school. We are privileged to work with some fantastic neuro-diverse children and their families. Our main priority is to provide a happy, safe and caring environment where teaching and learning can take place for every child. We value a child-centred approach to learning and we strive to accommodate individual learning styles so that every pupil may experience success and develop independence. Our dedicated team are committed to building strong relationships with both our children and their families.

Each child is encouraged to access the mainstream curriculum but with all the supports of an ASD class. Following consultation with their parents, the class teacher, special class teacher, SNA and other professionals. An individualised education programme for each child is then created. This programme is delivered on a 1:1 and small group basis by the teacher in the special classroom. Their educational programme is then supplemented by means of inclusion in the mainstream classroom.

Inclusion is very important to us in Clara. We like to support our children to integrate into the mainstream school community in a way that meets their needs. This may be done by integrating into a mainstream class or through reverse integration.

We are also very lucky to have such fantastic resources available to us such as the use of a sensory room and obstacle trail on the corridor along with an emotion circle. We have use of the sensory garden with a raised bed for vegetable gardening, sandpit, a mud kitchen and a trampoline. There is also a kitchen for baking, cooking and giving the children opportunities to develop life skills. The children are fortunate to have Millstreet Town on their doorstep utilising the shops and local amenities for real life learning and socialising.

Through ongoing staff training and Continuous Professional Development, the staff in Clara are confident in providing the care and attention that each child in the ASD class needs. We use a multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning. We take advice and guidance from the relevant outside agencies and professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologists etc. in order to provide the best care and education for our children.

We look forward to our next endeavour, opening a second ASD class in September 2023

All children attending Clara must have a diagnosis of ASD and a recommendation to attend a mainstream school with a special class attached.

“All kids Need is a Little Help, a little Hope, and Someone Who Believes in Them.” Magic Johnson