Helping Your Child

Here are some great ways you can you can help your childs learning

Oxford Owl is an award-winning free website with 250 FREE tablet-friendly eBooks and activities to help you support children’s learning. 

Divided into two main sections this award-winning site is devoted to improving reading skills at home and at school. With this in mind there are 250 free ebooks that are searchable by age, type and series.Once a suitable book has been chosen it is possible to view it on the IWB or a tablet/ computer without or without sound. There is a good selection of audio based books in addtiion to books based on phonics and those for struggling readers.

This is an excellent resource for children to use at home to improve their reading skills. Please use our log-in details-

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Password: Millstreet

Reading Tips for Parents:

  • A love of reading begins at home.
  • Your child’s success at reading starts before he/she starts school.
  • Good oral language skills help develop good reading skills.
  • Talk to your child and let your child talk to you.
  • Good readers surround themselves with books.
  • Repeated reading helps develop fluency.
  • Encourage re-reading of books, of chapters, of pages, of paragraphs.
  • Use the following top when choosing books for you children