School Rules

    1. School will commence each morning at 9.20. The gates will be opened at 9.10 and pupils can then enter the yard where they will be supervised by staff until the bell rings at 9.20. On a wet morning pupils will be directed to go straight to class where they will also be supervised. Children will be escorted to the gate by staff at 2 pm and 3 pm. We cannot take responsibility for pupils who congregate outside the school premises prior to 9.10 and after 3 pm.

    1. All pupils must show respect and consideration for other pupils and school staff at all times. “Please” and “Thank you” are simple courtesies, which should be used in and out of school. The use of bad language is strictly forbidden.

    1. Bullying in any form will not be tolerated. Please see our “Code of Behaviour” on our school website for detailed protocol in this regard. Children are expected to behave appropriately in the school yard at all times. Name calling, rough play and excluding children from games will not be accepted.

    1. Pupils are expected to wear the full school uniform in school and a navy tracksuit when requested to do.

    1. If a pupil is absent, an explanation must be given to the Class Teacher either on Aladdin Connect or in the form of a written note. If a pupil is absent for 20 days or more the school is obliged by law to notify Túlsa.

    1. Presentation National School is a “Health Promoting School” and pupils are strongly encouraged to bring a nutritious lunch to school. Treats will be permitted on special occasions. We are very conscious of children with a “Nut Allergy”, therefore, foods containing nuts are strictly prohibited. Under no circumstances is chewing gum acceptable.

    1. In the interests of Health and Safety, children are not allowed to run on the corridors or while accessing/leaving the school building. We also expect full co-operation with Fire Drills and other safety precautions.

    1. Children are expected to complete their homework as designated by the Class Teacher/Learning Support Teacher. A note of explanation should be submitted in the event of non-completion.
    2. Pupils are not permitted to bring mobile phones to school, however, if it is the case that the pupil needs the phone straight after school, he/she must give it to the class teacher for safe keeping and it will be returned to the pupil prior to departure.

    1. We understand that from time to time, a parent may wish to speak to a teacher outside of the normal Parent/Teacher meeting arrangement; in such a case, a parent/guardian should ring the School Secretary and make an appointment to meet with the teacher at a time suitable to both parties.

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